Saturday, 17 October 2020

Garden Affair : Coral Jasmine

 This month in our region starts with  official beginning for the upcoming festivals for one month starting from the Navratra festival which is ode to the Goddess Durga that is celebrated for nine days.It is interesting to note this month also sees the blooms of Coral jasmine which is a night blooming Jasmine .


Coral jasmine is a beautiful shrub that adores flowers only at the night time for a short period of year.                                                                                                                                                                   
It is a unique jasmine plant variety where petals of pure white color adores a  flower stalk which is beautiful orange in color.                                                                                                                      

It is interesting to note that flowers which blooms at night time does not wither in the morning instead fall from the plant as soon as first  sunrays touches the plant in the morning.    

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  1. I think I have seen this Coral Jasmine in my neighbourhood which the owners collect for their prayer. I have different types of Jasmine and they flower all the year round.

  2. What a beautiful plant! Such interesting facts about it. I have an indoor Madagascar Jasmine that I adore.

  3. When my husband and I made holidays in India (October / November 2010 and 2013) we saw these pretty plants. I didn't know their name but I used the blossoms to adorn my hair :-)
    Happy new week,

  4. Beautiful! I love jasmine plants. I had one in the garden years ago and brought it in the house for the winter but it eventually died. When we were in Savannah a few years ago Jasmine was growing everywhere and the smell was heavenly!

  5. Oh how beautiful. I’ve never had a jasmine plant. I do love the smell but they would not do well here in New England.

  6. I once woke up in St. John Island in a tent and on a bed of jasmine. Heavenly! Nice fresh shots.

  7. Thank You for your nice photos, and for inviting me to join this fine party!

  8. I love the heady smell of jasmine. It's just coming into bloom here and you're hit with it as you walk past gardens in the street...


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