Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Xeric Days are over

It was worst summer this year compared to some of the last years ,It was dryness everywhere with plant affected adversely .Many plants were not able to strive the hot and dry weather ,the leaves got burnt due to excessive hot climate.

Now the situation has changed and the weather has become pleasant..thanks to the pre monsoon    showers,Its time to bid adieu summer and welcome the wet and humid Rainy weather .                                                                                          
The wait is over my Orange Day lily unfurled its petals after drop in temperature.

 Zinnias are back 

 Petunias left there dormancy and bloomed ..

We are anticipating for the monsoon to strike our city and drench us and revitalize the soul.

X is xeric for Abc Wednesday                                                                              


  1. My orange day lilies are blooming now, too!

    abcw team

  2. A lot of people are turning to xeriscaping here in Texas with the ongoing drought. Pretty flowers!

  3. Beautiful lilies! Glad that the rains have come there- they seem to have given Bangalore a miss:(

  4. So glad.the dry days are over. Your plants look happy too.


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