Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Yellow makes the weather mellow

The weather is pleasant now ..The harshness of summer has gone but we are still waiting for the monsoon to strike the city and bring back the  Greenery  of the Garden back.

  Although July starts with Rain shower but this year monsoon seems to be delayed..Nevertheless Yellow Flora  is pleasing the eyes giving the fuel to await for the monsoon .

Sunflowers shinning brightly with a yellow beam 

Dahlberg Daisies awesome hardy perennial blooming back with bright profusion of yellow

Gaillardias   brightness in color has revived as the harshness of sun has gone

And the Amazing Zinnias are happily blooming underneath the Sunflower 

Hope there will be rain till the end of week to revitalize us ...

Have a great week for those who are receiving rainfall and Good luck for those who are awaiting like me ....Best wishes to the team of Abc Wednesday for hosting such a great meme


  1. Our summer is just beginning with temperatures over 100F.
    We could use some of your rain too.
    We are in a drought situation at present.
    Good post.

  2. Beautiful yellow flowers :)

  3. I love yellow in the garden - so cheerful.

    abcw team

  4. We are smack dab in summer with high temps too, but we have had lots of rain. I love yellow in the garden and these are great ones.

  5. Lovely yellows....lovely summer! http://lauriekazmierczak.com/yikes-2/

  6. Sunflowers just say summer! We have bunches of them growing along the roadside here in Austin - I love seeing the sunflowers swaying in the wind - beautiful.


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