Saturday, 21 June 2014

Growing Sacred Lotus from seed

It all started with the search for the sacred lotus plant which is not available at Plant  Nurseries ....Then I got to know through an acquaintance that it can be grown through seeds easily available in the market popularly known as Kamal Gatta ...I thought of giving it a try..
I bought a few and scarified them deeply using a metal file  so that a creamy layer could be visible ...and soaked them in the water overnight...
Here's what I got on the next morning...the seeds have been bulged from the original sizes due to penetration of water

Finally there was a sprout after soaking for 4 days ...One thing to keep in mind is changing water twice a day                                                                                                                                                  

I planted it in a small 6 inch pot and kept that pot in a bucket filled with water...within a week there was a floating leaf  ...It was thrilling experience to see that floating leaf                                                      

After a week ,The plant has been shifted to big round tank and it is growing day by day ...

.One important point to keep in mind is tank should be kept in indirect sunlight area so that leaves don't get burnt....                                                                                                                                              
A week later the plant has rapid growth with leaves filling the tank..                                                                             

Twenty days later Aerial leaves have started emerging they are breathtaking ....                                       



  1. I didn't know they germinate and grow so fast. I can't wait to see the blooms.

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