Thursday, 12 December 2013

Garden updates!!

Whats happening in garden !!!!!!!!!!

          After waiting for almost half a year and more finally amazon lily (Eucharis grandiflora)
showing buds sincerely waiting for it to bloom .

 it was grown by bulb which i planted in early march and after giving leaves all year around it has choosen to bloom in december, anticipated highly for its bloom .                                                                                                                             

 Rajnigandha (poleanthus tuberose) bloomed  second time in this year its fragrance is breathtaking its time to cut it with stem and place inside the house for the wafting fragrance that it will provide all week long.

 Pansies have started showing there faces ,I have always loved pansies due to there unique face like structure ,every face with different expression .This time I have tried pansies also by seeds but of small miniature cultivars ,which are still to bloom may be till spring.

 I think I have lost them, these are the pumpkin plants that I have grown by seed ...someone suggested to add urea in it for rapid growth and like a fool I did that and see what happened two days later why did I ever did that.

 Dahlias are coming out nicely ,this time I had planted both shaded and giant dahlias lets see which comes first to bloom and the ones which will never bloom(lol:).

Turmeric and ginger both are dropping  leaves showing signs of harvesting and also simultaneously new shoots are thrown above the ground forming new plants .

 Mesembryanthemum(ice plant) growth has increased a bit but not ready to be transplanted ,Ice plant are the most slow growing annuals I had observed till know but blooms are one of the best of all.

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