Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Marigolds !!!!!!!!
Marigold has been integral part in India , due to its sacred value in form of garland but it can be grown easily only during these months in jaipur climate, it stands fresh for long on plants .
As always I have grown them of golden,yellow and white colour   !!! yes you have heard it right of white colours .Finally i have found them at a local nursery blooming with moonwhite colour and just pick them up.


Although they were a bit costly then the usual ones but they are worth it for me.


              these golden ones were obtained from the seeds which i had sown a year back ,the plant obtained from seed were planted in a shady area which survived whole year becoming leggy and never bloomed and finally during diwali time the perfect time for marigolds to bloom they bloomed and respected my efforts. 

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