Thursday, 12 December 2013


Vegetables are ready to harvest ,this time I have tried some veggies which are unknown to me before but not brought them into use till now ,they are healthily growing in respective pots and ground.
       Salads very common in Indian cuisine are all set to pluck out from the ground i.e.
White Raddish ,Red carrots


  Although this time Raddish was sown late to enjoy it till february and even later , carrots always take time more then raddish to get matured for harvesting so they were sown little days earlier .

         Peas have starting filling there pods with seeds which actually are the edible part of whole plant,eventhough some people use the skin of the pods too in cuisines.
As in the above picture You can see pods forming seeds and a white pea flower standing erect waiting for its turn to convert into pod ,pea always grows in form of small climbers.

This is parsley grown first time a slow growing plant with edible bracketed whirly leaves,the leaves really look strange and amazing ,still to use in a cuisine or salad .Any suggestions are most invited.

Celery in the middle with lettuce leaves surrounded by ,I have grown Celery for first time got its plant from a local nursery ,the leaves look alike cilantro but rich green colour is awesome,not used still now any suggestions are most invited.Lettuce is grown second time its crisp leaves makes it a versatile ingredient in many cuisines.

Italian Basil with high fragrance is the one saved from the last year the plant has very well survived all year except some leafdrops still to use as a spice in a cuisine.

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