Monday 3 June 2024

Garden Affair : World Environment Day

 The soaring temperature this summer is alarming and reflecting the soar effects of climate change . 

June 5th is considered as World Environment Day. It is considered vital  for spreading awareness and action regarding protection of Environment. It has been a platform for raising awareness regarding marine pollution, over population, global warming, sustainable development, issues related to wildlife. 


Our planet supports life to million species and is currently experiencing degradation and unprecedented climate change. We can bring changes at individual level  by small acts regarding promoting sustainable environment.                                                                                                                                            

It is to be consider here  out of the many other ways planting trees is one of the major factor that   can bring significant change to effect positive  climate change.  I have pointed out in my earlier post  on  World Environment Day  and how as an individual we can make an effort   to bring required changes in environment.                                                                                                                     

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  1. Dear Arun, it's good that you mention World Environment Day in your post. Planting trees is certainly a good thing. My husband and I, as well as some other family members, have trees planted through an organization called Treedom. These trees are planted by small scale farmers and can help not only improve the climate, but also the people who, for example, eat or sell the fruit of the trees themselves. (Not all of the Treedom trees have fruit, however; some serve other purposes; for example, we have also had mangroves planted or trees that can store a particularly large amount of CO2.)
    All the best, Traude

  2. Yes, we should have a look at our world and its environment. But it seems there are too few that care.
    Have a good time and all the best

  3. I belive in the saying that the change starts with us!
    This is so true!
    Happy WW, Arun!

  4. You're very clever if you made those pictures. And yes, the change starts with us and it starts today!


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