Saturday, 16 April 2022

Garden Affair : Indoor plants for beginners

 Summer has started in our region it would be in short span of time that whole city would be experiencing hot northwestern winds that makes it burdensome to spent time outdoors in garden . There is an array of plants that grow well in indoors and which can bring greenery indoors to beat the summer dullness.  

It is interesting that Amateur Gardener who are willing to grow plants in summer can go for some of the hardy houseplants without even giving a second thought  that can grow indoors .

Here are some of the plants that can be grown indoors which are hardy and easy to grow  for the amateur gardeners 

Money plant

Snake plant


zz plant

Spider plant


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  1. I know all these plants well: in our part of the world they are exclusively indoor plants :-)
    All the best from Austria

  2. A very nice post. Thank you.

  3. These are beautiful plants. I can see these in Singapore too and love to have some as indoor plants.

  4. I have 3 out of the 4 plants. The 1 I didn't have is the zz plant.

  5. Have a little more experience with indoor plants: the first one right now, and had the last one before, but it became too bushy:)Thank you for your comment and hope it's not getting too hot!

  6. I like it and we have Snake plant (called Little Sword), ZZ plant and Spider plant (called Bride's Veil) in the house.

  7. They look grate and very green...!
    They can decorate beautiful the inner spaces!
    Happy WW, Arun! Have a beautiful week!

  8. As is happening with you, the winds do not let up and make it uncomfortable even though the temperatures are moderating. The violets are blooming and the Daffodils dominate the flower scene.

  9. Thank you. Enjoy your weekend.


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