Saturday, 4 September 2021

Garden Affair : Pepper Mania

 It is always exciting to grow your own veggies and fruits at your space . The taste and freshness of home grown veggies is far more better than store brought ones definitely. I have always been trying to grow different varieties of veggies in my garden and most of the time it was a success , this time I have grown few types of peppers and I am glad they came out pretty well. 

                                                                        Ornamental Black pepper 

                                                               Ornamental Red chillies

How to grow peppers from seeds and when to fertilize                                                                       

Peppers are moderately easy to grow from seeds . They prefer sunny conditions for the healthy growth and will be giving more fruiting when fertilized once in a month or more which helps in providing nutrition to the plant .                                                                                                       


Green Bell pepper 

                                                                    Green Chillies 

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  1. Ohhh your peppers are beautiful. Mine are tying to grow but it is so cold here that even in the GH they are just now starting to grow.

  2. I've never heard of Black Peppers before! In Central Europe you can basically grow peppers, but I've never had success with it in my garden ...
    Have a nice weekend in September

  3. Beautiful and healthy pepper plants. I don't know why my pepper plants are easily infected with mealy bugs, white powdery pest under the leaves.

  4. your peppers did better than mine on the balcony but maybe this is because I don't receive the sun as long. me tomatoes and strawberries did better this year.

  5. That's quite a bounty!! Well done

  6. Love that pop of red in the pepper shot.

  7. Thank you for all these details. Never seen the black pepper kind.

    Happy WW and a fine week!

  8. There is quite a bit of variety among the peppers. The black ones surprised me.

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