Saturday, 26 June 2021

Garden Affair : Coral Vine

 Monsoon season has started in our region . The humid weather has facilitated the growth in plants and many flowering plants and shrubs have started giving out blooms . It is exhilarating to see blooms of Pink Coral vine alias Antigonon leptopus .


Growth and Care of Coral vine

It is a hardy vine that grows into a large vine  when trained that blooms twice a year . The plant grows vigorous and blooms profusely if fertilized  periodically. 


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  1. Oh the flowers are so dainty but the full vine is mighty and beautiful.

  2. I've never seen blooms of Pink Coral vine - beautiful!
    I wish you a good monsoon season!
    All the best,

  3. Thanks for the name of this plant. Pink Coral Vine is a nice name with pretty tiny flowers. When I was a kid staying in the village, we can see this growing wild by the roadside. Recently, I saw this vine growing wild on some fencing near a traffic light junction.

  4. Wow! A gorgeous plant! The flowers are very dainty!
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Pink Coral Vine is gorgeous. I wonder if he could bear to live in our country, with harsh winters and hot and dry summers.
    Have a fine week!

  6. So amazing plant! I love the color!
    Thank you Arun!
    Happy WW!

  7. Ive not heard of this. Very pretty!

  8. The pink coral is lovely. Thank you for hosting. Happy weekend.


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