Saturday 12 June 2021

Garden Affair : Water Lilies

 Summers are at their peak , It is the time for water lilies to appear and flourish for upcoming months lasting till the autumn season.

Water Lilies prefer humid season to bloom and since monsoon season is approaching within few  days . 

Water Lilies in my Garden have started showing blooms already  indicating presence of humidity in the atmosphere . 


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  1. Wow the waterlilies are beautiful. Have a nice Saturday.

  2. Love water lilies. I have been thinking of adding water lilies to my garden but somehow, I didn't get to do it. Have a happy weekend.

  3. In my previous neighborhood there was a lake with a lot of water lillies...I returned there this past week for a walk and they were in full bloom. So beautiful.

  4. I hope you do not mind! My post today has nothing to do with the garden, but it has healing abilities like flowers, especially the lotus and its relative, the water lily. I hope it helps someone.

    Have a fine week!

  5. A beautiful and special flower!
    Thank you for sharing the images!
    Happy WW, Arun!

  6. For me, water lilies are gorgeous and mysterious flowers!
    I wish you beautiful days!

  7. I posted lilies today but not water lilies.


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