Saturday, 12 December 2020

Garden Affair : Chrysanthemums

 Chrysanthemum is one of the most popular Flowering plant which has exuberant long lasting blooms.I have always cherished about my collection of Chrysanthemums and tried to save all my varieties year after year even after suffering from the harshest of summer .This is the time period when Chrysanthemums choose to bloom in full swing in my region.

Firstly I want to share some of the new varieties of Chrysanthemums added  in my garden this year

                                                         Green Chrysanthemums

Button Chrysanthemums 

And some of the  varieties from my old collection  of chrysanthemums 

                                                   Reflex Mums 




                                                                         Spider Mums 



Button Mums 



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  1. OMG! all of these are just gorgeous.

  2. It's so different to my Christmassy decoration.
    Kind regards

  3. The red ones are particularly lovely!
    Thanks for hosting and for your kind visit to my blog.
    All the best!

  4. I did not know some of them! Beautiful-beautiful!
    Thank you Arun, for these beauties and for the invitation!
    All the best and a fine week!

  5. Hello I am from the Netherlands and saw your name by a blogger and I also visit you because it is always very nice to get to know other people and to see what they share or post.You have a beautiful garden and thank you for sharing your beautiful Flowers. Chrysanthemums are a symbol of happiness and health. I have 2 websites .On the nature webiste writes i what i encounter on my path of beautiful nature that attracts me and on the other website I write poems and also many stories from life and sometimes with a message, including my own photography converted into a YT film with beautiful quiet music. My 2 websites are also different because if you watching on computer you see thats i has make my website like a photobook. But on the left you see an on top the word flipcard and you can click on it and can you watching it how you want read it. I only work with my laptop.

    I have been so free to share a linkz because I saw your beautiful flowers also what to share, but if you don't like this you can remove it. Despite the fact that Christmas is unfortunately something different this year, do you wish beautiful December days. Greetings, Tine


  6. I really love chrysanthemums! I was born on December 2 and, as a child, the only flowers I received for my birthday were chrysanthemums. That's why their aroma always makes me feel like a child, to feel like it's a holiday.
    Are the chrysanthemums in the photos right in your garden? If yes, then congratulations!
    Have a fine day and stay safe!

  7. The range of chrysanthemums you grow is truly wonderful!

  8. Chrysanthemums are very beautiful. I know: all the flowers are beautiful. 😊
    The petals of "Spider" seem to be moving, to catch more beauty.
    All the best!

    I'm not sure if "my" photo fits the "Garden Affair". It's a "part" of a tree and a "part” of a roof. 😊 If it's not ok, please remove the link.

  9. Amazing! All the different Chrysanthemums. Beautiful.
    Hugs, Nicole

  10. Beautiful mums! Have a good weekend.

  11. You have so many different types of beautiful chrysanthemums. Have a great weekend.


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