Saturday 19 December 2020

Garden Affair : Petunias


Petunias are one of the most looked after favorite annuals in our region as they have a long blooming period of more than six months due to their hardiness and drought tolerant nature they are always abundantly grown in our weather conditions.


Care and propagation

They are hardy plants in nature and generally can grow easily in any type of soil and can even withstand drought conditions for long period. It is interesting to note that they can be easily propagated through their stem cuttings and are a bit difficult to grow by seeds.

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  1. I love petunias very much but have not found them to be drought tolerant in my climate, the Pacific Northwest of the US. But then, I've only really grown them in containers. Probably in the ground it's easier.

  2. These are also very rewarding flowers in the garden with good care. I had them this summer on my balcony. Did you know that the name comes from the Brazilian name Petun, which is called "tobacco", and with which the plant is related. The growth varies from upright to drooping. The most striking feature are the sticky hairy leaves and branches. In the upper leaf axils the beautiful funnel-shaped flowers appear. And many insects also love it. Often loved is also the contrasting colored heart of the flower. Thank you for your visite at one of my websites and for your inviting and comment.

  3. Beautiful and elegant flowers!
    You have an amazing garden!
    Thank you a lot, Arun!
    Happy today!

  4. Your Petunias are lovely and I love your assortment. I always enjoy growing them here during the summertime.

  5. Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    Ein schönes Weihnachsfest wünsche ich dir.
    Lieben Gruß Eva

  6. I love petunias. I had a few petunia plants given by a friend. After sometime, they just died off. Maybe I do not know how to take good care of them.

  7. Dear Arun,
    I had a blog break last week, because my mother died at 94. Therefore I didn't join your linkup last week. Yesterday I started a posting with an obituary for her and many photos from her eventful life. I send the links of this post and of the last one to you today. I probably won't post any more this year. I'm not sure if you celebrate Christmas, but I wish you a good start to a year that hopefully will be better than 2020 in many ways!
    All the best, Traude

  8. PS: Petunias are really wonderful flowers!

  9. Dear Arun, the petunias is a rewarding flower, and very popular with the Germans. Love your collage. However, that your thumbnail is your photo for your own link up, goes against the second rule, that any way of advertisement in links and images will be removed. I will leave it on for this week, since you probably did not see it, or did not understand. But next time your thumbnail will be removed, and I hate doing that! So, please, separate your thumbnail image(put it in another post) from your own linkup for All All Seasons:) Many thanks, Jesh

  10. They do well in containers.


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