Monday 19 February 2024

Garden Affair : Gardening and wellbeing

 Gardening as a practice of cultivating and arranging plants and shrubs is just not a hobby it has psychological implications . According to world wide research there is one out of every four person who  would be suffering from one of the mental illness which could be anxiety disorder, depression or any other mental disorder by  the year 2030 . Gardening as a therapy had played vital role in curing the mental illness. 



The idea of  using gardening to promote health and well being which is also known as therapeutic culture has proved to be helped many individual come out of  the depressions, anxiety and thereby improvement in mental health .Horticulture therapy is playing vital role in improving well being of  
  people who had been suffering from chronic health conditions, drug abuse and tobacco use .                                                                 

It is the time for link up party Garden Affair where we can share posts related to Gardening , Nature and birds. The link up party will remain open for a week starting from Sunday . 


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  1. many people believe as you explain in the post......
    they make garden even small at the corner.....

    Have a nice day

  2. You are a perfect gardener, dear Arun. Have fun, a good time, and all the best

  3. Nature is the best doctor ever!
    All the best in your garden, Arun!
    Take care of your beauties!

  4. Yes, spending time in the garden is definitely therapeutic! Thanks for the party.

  5. Yes, being outdoors is healthful. And doing a project that gets results is very satisfying.

  6. I love this idea, but the stat is terrible. Wow!


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