Saturday, 1 May 2021

Garden Affair : Spring Flower Dahlia

 Dahlias are undoubtedly one of the best annuals owing to their magnanimous blooms . They are widely grown for spring blooms in our region . 


Growth and care

Dahlias are easy to grow from seeds and cuttings. These can also be grown through  tubers which is relatively difficult to grow in comparison to growing from cuttings or seeds.

Dahlias are heavy feeders and grow well when given  feed with organic fertilizer every fortnightly . 

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  1. I also really like dahlias - a friend of mine has a great collection of dahlias in all kinds of colors. However, they are not so easy to overwinter in our country, because they do not tolerate freezing temperatures: You have to dig up the root tubers in autumn and pack them in sand in a cool, dark cellar ...
    Have a nice weekend and a good start into May!
    Best wishes from Austria,

  2. Die Dahlien sind wunderschöne Blumen. es gibt so viele Farben und Formen.
    Und für die Blumenvase sind sie sehr gut geeignet.
    LG. Karin M.

  3. Beautiful Dahlias. I love Dahlias and I have tried to grow Dahlias but was unsuccessful.

  4. Beautiful flowers! I also like Dahlias!

  5. A like these flowers. Like natural mandalas!
    Thank you for this beauties!
    Happy WW!

  6. They are wonderful!
    They are so rich in colors and petals that a single thread looks like a bouquet. 😊

  7. Beautiful blooms! I only had one Trout Lily to display. This is one of the earliest wild flowers to bloom in spring, along with Wake robins and violets, in NE Illinois, USA

  8. We are still waiting for our dahlias. I love them. Wonderful photos.

  9. The dahlias are pretty!


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