Saturday 13 February 2021

Garden Affair : Edible Flowers

 Flowers are integral part of garden ,we can't imagine a Garden without the attractive blooms that make it lively and pleasing to eyes since without Flowers Garden would become dull and colorless. While it is also true that Flowers are a source of food for many insects , birds , animals and even Humans.

Here are some of the Flowers that I have personally used in one of the food recipes


Marigold is one of the most popular flowers in the world .It has many medicinal properties and due to pungent taste used in various cuisines around the world .                        


                                Roses are lovely Flowers and have been popularly used in making 'GULKAND' a sweet sauce derived from mixing fresh rose petals and sugar in our region.

Pansy and Violas

Pansies are one of the most unique flowers in appearance and not many people know that they are edible and is being used in many cuisines around the world mainly for adding flavor in the desserts.


Nasturtium are one of the most prettiest climbing plant that grows in a vine like structure and forms a vine that reaches some foots . It is interesting to note that nasturtium flowers and leaves are popular edible plants and are used often in preparing salads.                                                 

Although there are many flowers that are considered as edible and have medicinal properties it should be noted that specific edible flowers should be consumed in small proportions only to save yourself from allergenic reactions from overconsumption. 

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  1. Wow Can't get much prettier than these.

  2. Thank you for the party I didn't know roses were edible, but I knew about the rest of them.

  3. Marigold is very pretty. Roses is always my favourite. I have tried to grow Pansies and Nasturtium but didn't succeed.

  4. I love rose flavoured tea dn cocktails, and turkish delight! Lavender cream and scones is amazing too!

  5. Another lovely party, thanks.

  6. Your flowers are wonderful!
    I think you have all the colors in the garden. :)

  7. Some of the flowers you show end up in our salad or jelly, too ;-))
    All the best from Austria


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