Saturday, 19 September 2020

Garden Affair : Ornamental Aquatic Plants

 It is fascinating to grow plants in water .This is evident that presence of water plant adds charm in the Garden and helps in maintaining moisture level in the Garden .While the Flowering aquatic plants like lily and lotus needs proper sunlight and care for blooms. There are many aquatic ornamental plants that doesn't bear flowers but there beautiful ornamental leaves add to so much beauty in to the Garden .

I have been growing  few varieties of these ornamental aquatic plants from quite years now .

This is a pennywort plant it is said so due to resemblance of leaves  with Penny or coin 


Aquatic Cypres Plant 

This beautiful thin stems plant sends new stems throughout the year which bears inflorescence on the head .

                                                             Inflorescence of  Cypres Plant

There are many other ornamental aquatic  plants like Pistia ,Salvinia which can be also grown in the shade for adding beauty in the Garden.                                                                                                   

It is time for link up party Garden Affair where you can share anything about Gardening .It would be interesting to know about the Aquatic plants that you are growing in your space. It would be pleasurable to leave a  comment after linking up your post .                                            


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  1. You have very beautiful aquatic plants!
    A few plants like water lilies and horsetail also grow in our mini pond.
    I am happy that I can join your linkup again!
    Best weekend regards

  2. You are lucky that you can have aquatic plants. Beautiful round leaves!

  3. Such beauty growing. You have a marvelous green thumb.

  4. I love aquatic plants but I never had much luck growing them in my own small pond. Or they last for one season, but never come back.

  5. I love the foliage on your pennywort plant. It looks nice and healthy!

  6. I recognize the first aquatic plant which I once had for my fish pond. They are pretty. Thank you for hosting.

  7. These are just beeeeeeeautiful! 😍

  8. The Pennywort sure looks nice. Can't have it in my yard, it would take over.

  9. Thank you for leaving your link! Great beginning:)

  10. Hello, I will follow your blog and join your linkup. Thanks.

  11. Beautiful plants! Thanks for the invitation, will join, when I have a garden related posts.
    Haven't experience with aquatic plants - my garden is a hilly garden and it is very dry here, in last 3 years we've missed some rain, as normally. Our climate is no more normally...
    Greetings from Germany

  12. Very happy to find your blog! Thank you for visiting the running wave! I thought the leaves in your first photo looked like pennywort and one of your other messages confirms it! A lovely little plant which grows wild through our wetlands here in Scotland!


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