Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Planting Spring Bulbs

Growing flowering plants with bulbs is definitely not enthralling alike growing  from seeds since bulbs take a period of dormancy to finally bloom that needs a lot of patience to look upon it .But they have there charm and they could be saved for growing next season .

Soil Mixture

Growing bulbs require very well drained soil which comprises of more of River Sand (about 60 % ) ,Garden soil (30% ),A good compost (10%).

 Since soil is not free from impurities bulbs and soil should be treated with fungicide (Bavistin  powder ).Its important to treat bulbs with fungicide so that they don't rot in the period of dormancy within soil.

Spring bulbs that are planted this year 


   In our region time for planting Tulip bulbs is December  since they thrive  in cold climate to bloom 


Iris flower is most unique shaped flower in appearance 



Daffodil are beautiful flowers that bring blooms with advent of spring there are mainly two varieties available here one with small blooms that are hardy and thrive easily for most part of the year .Another one is yellow daffodil that brings big blooms are hard to grow .

These are yellow daffodil bulbs 



Anemone are easy to grow bulbs that require full sun and well drained soil to thrive .They can tolerate drought to grow .It is better to sow bulbs in water for 6 to 8 hours before sowing for boosting growth . 


Bulbs grow well when less watered and nourished with good sunlight .                                     

Updates about bulbs growth will be updated in upcoming posts .Winter is giving chills in northern part of India and soon weather would intensify into frigidity .Plants would go into dormancy for a month.                                                                                                                                                      


  1. Arun, is your winter cold enough to make tulips grow and produce flowers? here were I live in Argentina they don't have enough chill during winter to complete their life cycle, same happens with peonies.. a real pity because I adore both!

    1. Hi MDN ,Although they do adapt to our climate ,I have tried growing them for the first time wish I could be lucky too.


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