Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Drool worthy Flowers of Spring

Eye Catchy Verbena with hot pink Geraniums at the back                                                       

Ranunculus shining in the sun                                                                                                      
 And the one in red as deep as well

Rare beauty the Giant chabaud Carnation                                                                                     

 The charming red poppies                                      

The carpet of ice plant                                                                                                                       

Twinkling little starfire phlox                                                                                                       
And the self seeder every spring Dog Flower(Antirrhinum) 

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  1. Very beautiful spring flowers. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. I recently came across ur blog n read all ur posts... nearly every month or fortnight I visit nursery to purchase plants.... but don't know how to care them... how much sunlight n how much water for a particular plant. I purchased the above ice plant in February while it was flowering but after 20 days it was dead.. i think its because of overwatering.... give some guidance.... i recently bought miniature roses, hybrid gazania, vinca n penta

    1. Thanks for visiting bhuvnesh ...Mesembryanthemum aka Ice plant are succulent plants they can withstand drought but not overwatering state ...

  3. Thnx sir... one more question... how to give fertilizer to flowering plants... means after how many days a plant in the pot need fertilizer n which fertilizer - vermi compost, neem khali or another... n after how many days gudai should be done in flowering plants.

    1. Plants require considerable amount of time around 15 to 20 days to strengthen there roots after that vermi compost manure can be given to the plants..

  4. Hi Arun,

    Just checked you post, you have a such a lovely Spring flower Collection.
    Please keep posting and Happy Gardening!
    Gurgaon Gardener!!


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