Friday, 21 March 2014

The color of spring is


Look at that Giant Dahlia who's flaunting it's warmth  emitting the solar energy

OR those bright calendulas glittering over the warmth of the sun                                                                            

OR that  face(Pansy)  beaming it's charm over the advent of spring                                                                

OR those ice plant covering ground seems sunlight touching the ground                                                                

OR those Gaillardias being enjoyed by the bees                                                                       

OR those violas which have got the oppurtunity to welcome spring                                                            

OR those sun loving Gazanias who stun there beauty in sunlight                                                                   

OR those twinkling little oxalis which pop up and open there heads as the sunlight falls                                      

OR those clingy vines Nasturtiums peeping for there chance to participate in the spring show

OR those unusual tricolour Marguerita Daisy giving texture to the spring garden 

OR those Wallflowers emitting fragrance that grab your attention

And if we talk of fragrance Freesias are no less in it

Those dwarf French Marigolds fully ready to spark a beauty of there own                                 

OR those bizzare Dogflowers always delay there blooms for spring                                                  

The single flowered Dahlia having there elegant blooms                                                                       

The Dwarf Sunflowers came out early may be this is called spring effect                                          

But does really spring is bounded to one color ....No it gives every other color too...For that I'll discuss some other day...Meanwhile enjoy the spring 's Yellow effect on my Garden....Happy Gardening


  1. Lovely! Yellow is a very happy colour.

    1. Yah,Yellow is pleasing to everyone's eye.
      Thanks for visiting.

  2. What a bouquet of yellow flowers. Favorite is the dwarf sunflower and the freesias. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Dwarf Sunflowers are first time bloomers .....Thanks for visiting.


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