Saturday 6 May 2023

Garden Affair : Lemonia Plant


Lemonia is a perennial shrub which is also known as Ravenia spectabilis . Lemonia is considered an exotic plant and is  grown for its beautiful flowers and dark green fleshy leaves. 


Why  Lemonia plant is called so                                                                                            

Lemonia is  a beautiful plant that grows to a large height. It is interesting to note that Lemonia plant leaves have a smell similar to lemon which is the adequate reason the plant is named after lemon . 

Lemonia Plant care and flowering period                                                                                   

Lemonia plant flowers for a long period of year and is mostly grown in a semi shade condition. It likes regular watering and will bloom for a longer period of time when fertilized periodically.

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  1. Very pretty flowers!! Lovely colour

  2. It looks pretty. Thanks for hosting.

  3. The soft beauty of the succulent leaves and small flowers is nicely complemented by the lemon "perfume."

  4. So delicate flowers! Lovely color!
    Happy WW, Arun! Have a beautiful week ahead!

  5. I did not know this plant untill now. Have a good time and all the best


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