Saturday, 18 June 2022

Garden Affair : Excursion

 It was after a long time and for a much needed break I visited to the outskirt of city and was amazed to spot birds near lake. 

                     These lovely variety of Gooses were spotted on the shore of lake, Although I am unsure of the identity Please can anyone help me find the identity of these adorable birds.                                                

                        I can see these adorable  Indian Spot billed duck floating on the lake for hours

Black winged stilt looking for feed

Birdies resting after a swim across the lake

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  1. Grat to see these ducks splashing in the water:) Emille

  2. Unfortunately, I'm not a bird specialist, but my app claims that these are either domestic geese or mute geese (or crosses between the two).
    If you need tips from bird experts, try Shiju Sugunan -
    Have a great new week!

  3. Great to see these ducks splashing in the water! Have a great week, Emille

  4. Lovely creatures and images, Arun! I hope you
    enjoyed the trip a lot!
    Happy WW a good time!

  5. Handsome geese. I especially liked the Stilt.

  6. They may be domestic geese that have gone wild.


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