Saturday, 3 April 2021

Garden Affair : Osteospermum

 Osteospermum is one of the most  hardy spring  perennial flowering plant  which belongs to African Daisy family and looks breathtaking when blooms in profusion. 



Growth and Care

African Daisies are easy to grow plants that can survive and grows best in the sunny conditions . These plants can withstand drought like situations up to an extent and still can grow and flourish profusely throughout the spring and early summer.


                                   They are considered perennial plants as they can grow and survive for year or two depending upon the conditions they are retained and protected from the harsh weather conditions.


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  1. Superb capture on the African daisies and great exposure in highlighting the beauty! Thanks for the invite to the party :)

  2. African daisies are wonderfully beautiful. 😊

  3. These flower shots are magnificent. Happy Easter.

  4. I really like these flowers and I will try to grow them in our garden.

    Have a fine day!


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