Sunday, 14 July 2019


Are rain blessings from god ...then why god is biased in showering blessings .After long hot summer we were blessed with good showers (Blessings) until end of the last month .Where rain is creating havoc in southern part of country ...North western part is still in anticipation of satisfactory rain where conditions of  drought can't be ruled out .
Although Good Monsoon directly effects the growth of the economy of the country,excess or less of Rain pour may have major detrimental effects individually/on the state as whole for the upcoming year.
Hope blessings should be equally showered ,where everything is good about rain it always revive or resurrect garden after horrendous summer bringing  greenery back  and giving perfect environment for flowers  to bloom.

                                         A picture can't justify the beauty of Peacock flower  

A sunbird or even hummingbird can easily be spotted on this beautiful FIREBUSH.

Pretty little Pentas  flower

Rain brings Rain lily back to blooms

Petunias waving high with drop in temperatures

Colorful blooms of Portulaca and Purslane 

Fresh Homegrown organic harvest of Java Plum /Jamun

GALPHIMIA or Golden shower bush

And White water lily is back after some time

May the Raingod shower its blessings to everyone.                                                                        


  1. Galphimia, a genus I had never heard of before, is beautiful, Arun. I am glad to hear that you got some rain, and a bit of relief from the heat. Happy GBBD!

  2. I am not familiar with most of your flowers this time around - I can see why the peacock flower is named as it is. I looked it up and it appears to be the National flower of Barbados. I was also intrigued by the plum. The raingod knows that both too little and too much water is bad. I have never visited a part of the world subject to monsoons. Happy GBBD to you! Alana

  3. Beautiful flowers! I have rain lilies for the first time, and have had two flowers, triggered to come up and bloom by the sprinklers!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I see we have the firebush (Hamelia patens) in common.

  5. Floral delights indeed.

    Worth a Thousand Words

  6. Well what God is or not… I dare not say anymore… although I recognize his power I don't know why He lets 'us' destroy our planet… which influences weather into horrific moments very often

    Have a heartwarming en splendid ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    M e l o d y (team ABC-W)

  7. Your blooms are all so beautiful Arun. I am happy for you that you are getting the much needed rain.

  8. What beautiful flowers! We had a nice shower here yesterday and the grass and flowers love it! Enjoy your day!

  9. Glad you are getting rain. Very hot where I live, for the next few days. Thank you for linking up.

  10. We can't know God's mind but have to trust that He is always in charge :)
    Your photos are just gorgeous, a wonderful byproduct of rain. I'm waiting for the other side of our rainy winter.

    I enjoyed your post at 'My Corner of the World' so much this week!

    My Corner of the World

  11. What lovely flowers. Some are ones I've never seen before as they don't grow where I live. Very colorful. Always good to get rain after a dry spell. We are going into the Hot part of our summer now so no rain is in sight for awhile.

  12. Beautiful flowers

    dropping by from the ABCWed linkup

  13. These are loverly.
    I managed to miss the ABCW cutoff, but here's my post:

  14. Gorgeous post with so many beautiful flower photos.

  15. Oh I am so envious now. My peacock flower supposed to yellow as told by my friend who gave me the seeds. It turned out to an orangy one. Yours is a beauty and I am glad to hear about the rain. Happy gardening!

  16. Your photos are extremely beautiful <3 The first one, Tropaleolum, stole my heart. I wish too equally distributed rain & other blessings.


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