Saturday, 23 June 2018

Summer Relish Jamun/Java plum fruit

Summer fruits are good source for   re -hydrating your body when scorching heat takes away all fluid from the body .Jamun or Java plum is super nutritious food that comes in the summer and consequently is available till early monsoon .After acquainting myself how nutritious this fruit is,I am fortunate to have its tree  in my garden.

                                                      Ripened and Raw Jamun

Health Benefits of Jamun                                                                                                         
It is rich in iron and vitamin C  .It helps in increasing haemoglobin count in body and also purifies blood that helps in cleaning your body and makes skin glow .                                                             

The most important benefit of this fruit is it has anti diabetic features which help diabetic lower there sugar levels.In the summer season if diabetic eats Jamun regularly it helps in preventing from frequent thursting and urinating which is common   diabetes problem,since it converts starch into energy and keep blood sugar level in check.                                    

It helps in digestion and helps also cure urine retention problems.                                                   

How to grow and care of Jamun Tree                                                                                    

Jamun tree is self caring plant which needs good sunlight and manuring once in a year to bear fruits.It gives flowers in spring to early summer that develops into fruit and gradually ripens at the end of summer or onset of the monsoon season .                                                                                  

When to harvest                                                                                                                                      
Jamun fruit should be harvested when it turns into dark black color for sweetest taste.This is my harvest for today .                                                                                                                         

I am thankful to god for such bountiful harvest these Little things make life happier.






  1. Yum! I grew up with plum trees in the garden. I miss them!

  2. It really is little things that are important and most interesting! Thanks for sharing, it looks yummy!


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