Saturday, 30 June 2018

Grow lychee plant from its seeds

Lychee fruit is one of the tastiest and juiciest summer fruit which is available in abundance in summer months in our region .Whereas its white pulp is juiciest it also has plenty of health benefits from strengthing your immune system ,supporting healthy digestion of the food are some of the benefits amongst many other benefits to the body.

Lychee plant can be propogated from the leftover seed after lychee fruit is being consumed 

                                                                 Lychee Seedling

Things you'll require

 1 Container or box with a hole for airflow
2 Tissue Paper or Sponge 
3 Seed Of course

Procedure :

1. Firstly a ripened fruit should be picked for growing its seed take out seed from the fruit gently


2. Place the seed directly after washing it in a box or small container over a layer of single tissue paper or any water absorbent paper (as shown below  )                                                                                  

3. Cover the seed with another tissue paper spray some water so that tissue paper becomes wet             ,cover the lid of the container and keep it in dry ,dark place in the room.

Hole in this box prevents seed from fungus

4. After three to four days you could spot seed has been germinated now its time to plant it in soil.

See the sprout in the seed

Now its time to plant in soil ( soil should be well drained with a proportion of fertilizer so that seed remains healthy)                                                                                                                                      

I used small seedling pots to grow the seed any kind of container which has well drainage for                water in it can be taken .                                                                                                                                       
Lychee plant after 21 days 

Although Lychee plant grown from seed will bear fruit after a decade but its the sheer fun of propogating it which drive me to post about it .                                                      



  1. I have planted 2 lychee plants long ago, they germinated well but i observed they are very susceptible to our dry season. So after yrs of careful management it still succumb to death.

    1. Thanks for visiting...I am keeping my fingers crossed that They somehow survive our harsh summer months.


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