Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Sowing Flower seeds for Winter / Spring

Winter Flowers are adored by everyone for their beauty and different varieties and colors.Mostly winter flowers bloom profusely in spring in our region .It creates heavenly scenic beauty in the garden.There are seedlings available in garden centers between the months of September to early December to plant seedlings to get a show by the time spring strikes .But not everyone gets access to plant nurseries and garden centers to get some ,you can easily start your flower seedlings by getting seeds online or from seeds selling shops .

Once you have got seeds to start sowing process you need

- A container or pot you can take a plastic basket too ,container should be wide in size preferably ,depth is not that important ;
- Garden Soil ,whatever is available in your place make sure its clean from dust particles and gravels ;
- A plastic sheet or wrap or even a polythene would do ;
- A string or Rubber band to tie the sheet 
- Coco peat its good for water retention which helps in germination but still its optional(you can find it online or any garden shop )

I have started flower seeds of Cornflower ,Carnation,Dahlia ,sweet peas and more.

A container could be like this


                               A plastic container with Dahlia seeds dispersed on it

                                                          A Plastic Basket 

 After filling container from soil seeds should dispersed gently giving each seed  ample space 

Next step is making thin layer of cocopeat on container after seeds are placed 


Last step is to cover your container with plastic transparent sheet or cling wrap  and tie it with rubber band or string                                                                                                                    

A plastic cover helps in easy and rapid germination and retains moisture in soil which helps seeds to sprout  .                                                                                                                                              

Happy Sowing !!

In the next post  Ill try to talk about  sowing of vegetable seeds .


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  2. Thanks so much for your warm appreciation . I am inspired by your kind words and will try updating as soon as possible


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