Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Spring Stars : Marigolds

The Marigold is said to have derived its name from “Mary’s Gold”, taken from the fact that early Christians placed flowers instead of coins on   Mary’s altar as an offering. This flower is often used in festivities honoring Mary.  

                                                    As they are luminous and beautiful to see, they are often used as love charms. They are mostly used in weddings depicting beauty and a sign of new beginning for the married couple.

Marigold flower has a very important and prominent place on any occasion of celebration, either it's the welcome of some important person, the marriage ceremony, a festival celebration , a pooja of a diety or any function. It's being elegantly, prominently colorful, it's presence makes an occasion not only beautiful, but vibrant and energetic too. And most importantly, it's availability is in abundance, it's grown and found in India almost in every state, every place. 
In Hinduism too, the flower symbolizes auspiciousness. The saffron/orange colour signifies renunciation and hence is offered to God as a symbol of surrender. While offering the flower one should also remember that marigold is a very hardy flower and has a stout, erect stalk (hence the scientific name of 'erecta') - in fact, the Sanskrit name for marigold is Sthulapushpa which signifies this. It symbolizes a trust in the divine and a will to overcome obstacles. This is also why the flower assumes such improtance on Vijayadashami - the day Lord Rama prevalied over Ravana - a victory of good over evil.

There are innumerable kinds of Marigold ,this spring I am able to grow ..


                                                         AFRICAN MARIGOLD


Gaillardia alike Marigold id unknown 

Can someone identify this specie of Marigold

Pot Marigold or Calendula


  1. Love the brilliant colors of the Marigolds. I would like to have them in my garden but I wish they smelled a bit better.

  2. lovely colours.... i can not buy those, i am allergic to them sadly enough, so double enjoy your photos

    Have a nice abc-wednesday-day / - week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  3. Marigolds are common offering for dead loved ones in Bangladesh.


  4. My father was very fond of marigolds an used to grow many different species.
    I particularly like the French Marigold, such a pretty plant.
    I do remember them having rather a 'farmyard' smell, which I didn't like.
    i don't know the name of your unnamed marigold, sorry.
    Interesting background to the ubiquitous little plant.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.


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