Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Spring Bulbs : Ranunculus

Rose alike flowering bulb with striking contrast colors that give an adhere to spring garden. .Brilliantly colored flowers are Ranunculus' chief attraction, and they are indeed special. They most often come in multiple layers of delicate, crepe paper--thin petals, looking like an origami masterwork.
         Ranunculus leaves, grass green and vaguely celery-like, grow in a mound 6 to 12 inches across. Flowers on 12- to 18-inch stems emerge in February from fall-planted bulbs.

Growing Guide of Ranunculus by bulb :

1. In our region Ranunculus bulbs are being planted in fall season i.e. mid october to early november.

2. This year a pink Ranunculus bulb was planted in mid October .


Above picture is of Ranunculus bulb sown overnight in water before planting.     
Sowing in water leads to easier and early germination of bulb.                                

The correct method to plant bulb is shown in below picture ,one should plant it in good fertile soil in a narrow pot .                                                                                                         

3.  After a three and half month first flower came to bloom ,the plant should be kept in full sunlight and fed with good organic fertilizer for healthy nice blooms.

            4.It blooms for long around 20 days  conditionally weather stays warm and not hot.After few days more bloom came .

  5.After flowering is done the plant should be kept in shade and brought to dried out state ,so that bulbs could be saved for next spring.Usually they multiply themselves ,so you get more from single bulb sown.

      The pot used to plant bulbs should be not  be too deep  .                                             The pot must  have good drainage capacity.                                                             
     The plant  should   get full sunlight otherwise flowers would  get  adverse and         small .                                                                                                                  
    They must be fed with manure on arrival of leaves and on first bloom to activate the plant.                                                                                                        


  1. Good job! When I gave them a try a few years ago I had no luck at all, but they are all the rage with the fancy florists here.


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