Friday, 6 June 2014

Unconditional Giving

Sometimes we become to involved in fulfilling our needs in fetching every other thing around us without even giving a thought of returning it back..But there is one being that never demands instead give endlessly without wanting anything back in exchange....Guess what it is ...


It's obviously the trees they gives us fresh air to breathe ,they give us plethora of edibles to survive from death out of starving ,they give us shade to survive the boiling heat ... they give birth to triplets too   ...                                                                                                                          

and want nothing in return but some love in the form of watering and  manuring...thats such a petty cost for what they give us ... and the only one we will find in the world   where there is no unconditional exchange ..                                                                                                                       
So Wake up and Plant more trees and make world a better place of unconditional love
U is for Unconditional for Abc wednesday


  1. difficult to give unconditionally!

  2. Everyone needs unconditional love!

    abcw team


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