Saturday, 19 June 2021

Garden Affair : Jasmine

 Summer days are coming to end as Monsoon has reached in our region . Monsoon is one of the most awaited season of the year as it helps in the growth of economy directly. While there are few flowers that bears the summer heat and blooms in the summer and monsoon season. Jasmine Flowers are one of the most fragrant and hardy blooms that give blooms in the entire summer season till the end of monsoon season. 

                                                            Different varieties of jasmine Flowers     

Care of Jasmine plants

Jasmine plants are hardy plants that does not require any special  care for blooms and can withstand drought like conditions . It should be taken into consideration that pruning plants before blooming period helps in development of more buds on plant.

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  1. Unfortunately these jasmins don’t grow in Finland, but they are sold in small pots as house plants.

  2. The scent of the jasmine blossoms delighted me on our India and Thailand vacations. We only have pseudo-jasmine (Philadelphus coronarius) but not a real one.
    Happy weekend

  3. We have many types of Jasmine plants growing here. Some have lovely fragrant flowers while others are without fragrant. I have one with lovely sweet fragrant flowers.

  4. I love jasmine, with its delicate flowers and its special scent!

    Have a fine day!

  5. I like very much the scent of this flowers.

  6. I love Jasmine and the way it's aroma transforms a garden (or walkway). Just so uplifting.


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