Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Spring Summer Transition

 It is a time when temperature is soaring high as summers have arrived while it has been unusual winter this year the summer season is predicted  to be harsh this year as heat waves can already be felt in the noon time .

Garden is right now filled with the  mix of spring and summer blooms 

Here are some of the early Summer Blooms 

                                                             Tecoma capensis


Summers can't be imagined without Adenium blooms


There is nothing that can match  lovely Portulaca blooming in summer


When spring is taking a bid adieu some of the hardy spring annuals are still blooming in profusion

Statice Blooms

                                                           Petunias blooming in profusion


  1. Wonderful flowers!

  2. You caught some really pretty flowers here and nice macro work on them.

  3. Gorgeous, as always!

    Thanks for joining us at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  4. Beautiful! I want my summer back! It was a very dull summer this year in Melbourne. I think we only got to high 30's about 5 times - didn't even got to 40!

  5. I need to try growing Adenium again. I managed to kill my last one, probably by overwatering it. Happy GBBD! I hope you get a break on the heat.

  6. Beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. You've just reminded me that I need to get some portulaca plants for my patio table. I put them in the planter there every year and they bloom all summer long for me. Love those little blossoms.

  8. Beautiful flower photos - enjoy the weekend!

  9. As we move from winter to spring, our weather keeps trying to drift back to winter while yours is moving towards unbearable heat. These different climates are what makes life interesting. Enjoyed your blooms today. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  10. Beautiful blooms. My dad loved growing portulaca in our desert gardens when I was growing up. It was very happy in the heat, and spread out to look very lovely when blooming.

  11. Thanks for taking part in the "My Sunday Best" meme!


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