Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Spring harvest

It is a feeling of great satiation to grow your own food and harvesting fresh produce which is generally free from chemicals .

                                                             Cabbage grown from seeds

Cauliflower grown from scratch

There is nothing like digging fresh produce                                                                                           


Radish harvest

Tomatoes and lemons for Salads and soups

Green Peas ,Labalab beans and Chickpeas harvest

Bitter gourd 

A squab reached my balcony                                                                                                                     

Nothing like fresh smell of Rose                                                                                             

And Harvested last Guava since it is going to be summer now                                                            

It looks like lot of confusion and chaos is going on in sky too                                                                


  1. What a feast you have grown.

  2. Your home-grown veggies look so good! I can't wait for spring so we can plant our gardens!

    It's delightful to see you over at 'My Corner of the World' this week!

  3. I am glad to see that you are well and gardening. I still have some snow in mine here in NY. I have started Nature Notes again if you are interested...Michelle

  4. I usually enjoy growing vegetables in my garden. This year all I could do was share pictures from past years because I can't get home due to travel restrictions. - Margy

  5. That looks like quite the harvest. Thanks for linking up #teamlovinlife

  6. Stay home and harvest on your own. An efficient way to enjoy time at home

  7. Beautiful bounry from your garden.

  8. We are only starting our gardening season - waiting for our community garden to be plowed and the snow flurries to end! Not yet, though. Your produce is beautiful and the sky does look a bit confused. Alana ramblinwitham.blogspot.com

  9. We are just about to start our gardening season and I cannot wait. Growing your own food is very rewarding. Thank you for linking up and stay well.

  10. This is a wonderful time to be growing your own veggies. Fewer trips to the store, and the veggies at the store are never very good.

  11. Wonderful to see your delicious harvest photos! I grow nowadays only herbs, but used to grow potatoes as well. And those digged in one's own garden taste divine. In Finland we eat 'new potatoes' with butter, dill and some herring. What a feast! Wishing a pleasant & safe weekend.

  12. Beautiful photos and i love that quote - so true.

    Thank you for linking up to #SilentSunday x

  13. What lovely photos and a beautiful quote x #silentsunday

  14. The bird is interested in your produce! Love the radishes. Great pics

  15. Very bountiful harvest!
    Thank you for taking part in the "My Sunday Best Meme"


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