Thursday, 31 May 2018

Germinating and Growing Morning glory seeds

Morning glory are those annuals in our region that everyone look up to for its hardy nature and of course spectacular blooms on vine .I was always curious to grow a vine from seed vines like morning glory that can easily survive our hot summer season.

I got some old seeds of morning glory from a known ,not sure of their germination tried a trick of germination which could be applied on any seed which are small in size .

 Requirements :

Tissue Paper

BOX OR CONTAINER with aeration 


Method :

Take a tissue paper gently place it in box or container which has aeration or whole above for inflow of air 

Place seeds above the paper and cover it with another paper 

sprinkle few drops of water and cover the lid of container 

Keep it in dry shady place for 48 to 72 hours 



This is what I got after 48 hours it has germinated .

I planted it carefully in a small pot and covered it with coco peat


 After a week it germinated like above it grew rapidly from then and within a month


it grew in a long vine reaching out for support to entangle itself to anything that comes in its way to reach a height ,it could be trained to cover desired  area  .                                                                                                

And After two months of sowing there was a bud


And then My Morning glory grown from seed bloomed

I am thankful to Thankful Thursday and nature for giving such wonderful blooms


  1. THey have the most pretty flowers! Thanks for your instructions.

  2. They are beautiful. I planted some in my landscaping this spring. They do grow quite quickly. Thanks for linking up today!

  3. I love morning glories!

  4. How fabulous to grow it from seed! You rock!

    1. Thanks for visiting ,You can also grow it following above instructions and ask me if stuck somewhere.


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