Saturday, 7 April 2018

A visitor in the balcony

Balcony garden is that place which is close to your access and activities taking place over there are much more chilling to observe .I have small balcony adjacent to my room which is filled with greenery that attracts beings .

It was yesterday at noon time that I observe A Red Vented Bulbul in the balcony


It seated itself on a planter and chewed some of the leaves of my purslane plant from it and then faced towards myself it seemed like it was in search for water                                                    

After not able able to satiate its thirst it looked for water here ad there and flew away.

I realized we can help them satiate there quench of thirst by making small effort of keeping water filled container at anywhere outside our home to help them survive the scorching summer, and also if possible some food in form grain available for hunger.                                                        


  1. Red-vented Bulbuls have somehow made their way to Southeast Texas in the USA. They turn up every so often on lists of birds seen around the Houston area near where I live. I expect they feel right at home here. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. I'm glad to have met you on the internet.

  2. I love the photographs of your friendly bird visitor. They do enjoy a source of water and will return frequently if you have one.


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