Monday, 10 April 2017

Summer has begun

Its time to bid adieu spring flowers ,the temperature is touching 40 degree celsius already which brings heatwave in the garden ,thereby where plants are effected adversely in spite of protecting them from scorching sunlight by providing shade nets and regular watering.Birds that visit garden on daily basis and made it lively do require protection from heatwaves and water to quench their thirst.

A Dove finding solace in my lotus pond

Its must for everyone to provide a water filled vessel and keep in the area outside in your porch or garden , thereby helping these creatures from surviving hot summer days.                                        


  1. Beautiful picture! I love doves in my garden and I always have a filler waterer for them and also the pond, here my lotus are starting to wilt because the temperatures are slowly droping and they will go dormant till spring, send you my best wished

  2. Hello Arun,

    That's one beautiful dove.

    Have a great week :)

  3. Beautiful! Herons come to my lotus pond.


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