Sunday, 22 December 2013

Eucharis lily bloomed!!

Eucharis Lily bloomed!!!!!!!!!!!


Finally the wait was over eucharis lily bloomed for the first time in my garden,it was today morning that I captured my much  awaited bloom.                                                                                              

Although it has that typical lily appearance and its fragrance if observed closely smells alike of Spider lily(Hymenocallis littoralis) but the amazing part which makes it unique from any other lily is in the centre ;                                                                                

yes it is that tubular centre which reminds me of Daffodil (nargis)
I always wanted to grow daffodil but never found them anywhere so I fulfilled my desire by planting eucharis lily.

many more buds are forming till now count is 5 and may be increase in the coming days.Its definitely a christmas gift for me .


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